Landlord FAQs

How do I use HYBR?

Sign up to HYBR, list your property via a simple form on our website and then we will give you a call to confirm the details. If you require pictures, we will come and take photos of your properties free of charge to be uploaded to our website. We will then send you perspective student tenants for you to review and accept if you are happy for them to live in your home.

Why should I choose HYBR over a letting agency?

Three main reasons.

1. We are cheaper. We are up to 80% cheaper than our competitors. Our full management fee is priced at just 6% of the annual rent, where we offer lead generation, online contracts, guarantor referencing, viewings and a maintenance solution.

2.    We offer free marketing - no upfront payment, no risk taking in joining a new platform - (and free photography if your photos need updating) on our professional website. We have over 500 students signed up and around 5 students a day get in touch to inquire about various properties. The student community will come straight to you through our digitised campaigns on social media and student ambassador programmes. No upfront fee, no risk involved!

3.   We are always on the lookout for new revenue streams for our landlords. We sublet student rooms so that your properties never sit around empty when you could be monetising the space. None of our competitors have incorporated subletting into their model.

When do I have to pay?

You only need to pay once you are happy that we have completed the job.

What is an HMO licence?

An HMO licence is required for HMO properties i.e. house shares between at least 3 people from different households. HMO licences last for 5 years.

How much can you charge tenants for dropping out of a contract?

You can continue to charge rent until a replacement is found but the fee must not exceed the loss in rent/the cost of finding a new tenant.

What happens to my tenant’s deposit?

It is put into a tenancy deposit scheme to protect the money in case of a dispute.

Should I have an inventory?

Yes absolutely – it is important to keep a record of the condition of all the contents of the property in case there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy. We offer online inventory checklists for your tenants.

What do I do if the tenant damages the property?

If the damage is more than just wear and tear, the tenant can either pay to fix the damage, or it can be taken from their deposit.

Do I need to tell my mortgage lender?

Yes, you need permission from your mortgage lender to let your property.

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