Meet the team at HYBR

Hannah Chappatte

Co-Founder and CEO

I wanted to create a platform that students can rely on throughout their time at university and in the process tackle the injustices in the student rental industry.

Tigran Poghosyan

Product Manager

I joined HYBR to help disrupt an outdated lettings industry and to make HYBR the #1 destination for student homes.

Ludo Medina

Account Manager

As a recent student myself, the whole logistics of renting to students in various cities on a yearly basis fascinated me.

Abe Shalash


I’m your friendly neighborhood tech guy, and HYBR’s values align with my personal goal of using tech to make the world a more transparent and enjoyable place

Kevin Hayes

Customer Success Lead

I joined HYBR because I want to make renting better for students, to change the industry for the better so that student interests are actually looked out for.

Becky Firth

Editor In Chief

I joined HYBR as I love how they are shaking things up in the student rental business and how they always put student wellbeing at the forefront of everything they do.  I love to write and thoroughly enjoy sharing  advice about making the most of your university experience.

Paul Mahoro


I'm a developer who constantly seeks out innovative solutions to everyday problems, I get motivated by creating solutions  like HYBR 

Pablo Giacomi


I wanted to challenge the status quo by creating a student centric platform that cares about its users.

David Scheiner

Web Consultant

I joined HYBR because we are focused on supporting companies that are doing interesting things in tech and helping them to get on their feet and follow good technical practices.

Tiago Relvao

Web Consultant

I look for projects where the founding team has the intention of leaving the world in a better state than they found it. HYBR's founders have a genuine concern for the students' well-being.

Ben Rough

Sales Team

I knew I wanted to join a start-up but what made me join HYBR was how relatable the problem we’re tackling is – as a current student myself, it’s been really exciting to join such a dynamic team that works tirelessly to offer students and landlords a better rental experience.

George Riddick

Sales Team

I was super excited to work with a team that was passionate about shaking up an industry by introducing tenants and landlords to the digital space.

Joe Lucas

Sales Team

I always felt that the student letting agency market never had students best interest in mind, so when I saw a sales opportunity at HYBR thought this was a great way to assist in the journey of making the renting process better for students!

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