4 Ways to Keep your House Smelling Nice

April 30, 2021
Kaz Bosali

Students have a notorious reputation for living in terrible conditions and seemingly not minding at all. From unwashed bowls next to your bed, to empty cans lying around to dirty laundry mixed with clean ones.

At this moment in time, the UK is on its third lockdown in a bid to control the coronavirus. We are learning more and more about the importance of hygiene and spending more time indoors. Hence, it is crucial that our living space is a pleasant and comfortable environment. Something like smell is an intangible and essential part to that.

Light scented candles

These are not just for bubble baths! You only need to light one and it diffuses the whole building with a great aroma. Vanilla or rose scents are universally satisfying and they’re affordable. Be careful to place it away from flammable items. Try them out here.

Have plants around

There is a strong link between being around nature and higher performance. Plants are delightful to have surrounding your immediate environment especially if you’re working from home and tuning into lectures live online.

It would be worth having air purifying plants especially if you work on a computer and spend a lot of time in one room. Spider plant, aloe vera and peace lilies are some of the plants recommended by NASA. Have a look here.

Keep the room aerated

Air purifying plants are good, but simply keeping your windows open, changes the air in the house and gets rid of any lingering smells. Or, if you want some assistance keep the air smelling fresh – buy a diffuser! It’s free and so simple but hugely effective. Have a look here.

Don’t ignore general maintenance

No-one likes doing chores, this is something you’ll never grow into but it is an inescapable responsibility of adulting.

So, take the rubbish out, hoover regularly and clean the bathroom and kitchen. Maintenance around the house will dispel any smells.

We are spending more time at home and a clean environment is crucial to our wellbeing. These are 4 simple and easy ways make it smell nice and create a pleasant place to live, especially in relevant Covid-19 times.