5 Things Students Wish They’d Known About Housing

November 5, 2020
Kaz Bosali

By Kaz Bosali

HYBR has asked former students to share what they wish to have known during and after securing accommodation. We have asked students and compiled a list of their advice so that you can apply it for yourself. Here are 5 things they have shared.

Check that you have home insurance before you move in

A caution from a medicine student who was unfortunately burgled twice. Ensuring that you or your letting agent has standard home insurance would mean that you are covered in situations like these. Most people often dismiss these unlucky circumstances as something that would never happen to them, but these things do happen.

Don’t communicate with your neighbours through complaints

Friendly neighbours make life easier than hostile ones. Get to know your neighbours, befriend them. Giving them your number will resolve any tensions and build-up of resentment. Transparency such as telling them beforehand that you’ll have a party encourages tolerance and patience. Maybe even buy them flowers or bake a cake the next day to thank them! It will be worth if it means you won’t have an unpleasant run in with the police.

 Look up the reviews of the estate agent before you sign your house

 Reviews are an accurate account of students’ previous experience; it will tell you about their responsiveness and how they behave when conflict arises.

It’s worth researching the people you are getting involved with.

Check your inventory and take photos of before and after

This will save you so much headache and prevents you from potentially losing out on your deposit! Taking pictures of any existing damage as soon as you move in will avoid any unexpected charges at the end of your tenancy and can be used as proof should your landlord raise any concerns.

Ask for meter readings at the beginning of your tenancy

An accurate meter reading at the start of your tenancy will ensure that you just pay for the energy that you consume. Keep taking readings throughout. As mentioned above with taking images of the property, take a photo of the meter to avoid disputes with your landlord or energy provider.

Get involved - you can share your own experiences through the hashtag #StudentPorchPics.

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