5 Types of Housemates You Will Come Across

January 8, 2021
Kaz Bosali

Which one are you?

By Kaz Bosali

Moving out of the family home is usually the first taste of freedom and independence students get. This is the time when you will encounter people from all walks of life outside of the bubble you grew up in. You will see the good, the bad and the ugly especially in the form of housemates.

Embrace it, you’re only a student once and you will miss these times. So, without further ado, here are the 5 types of housemates you will come across.

The organised one

The ones whose cupboards are immaculately, meticulously and accurately organised in size, food categories and calories!

They will insist on having a cleaning rota and be sure to enforce it; the ones who allocates shelf space and enforce it; the ones who designate fridge space and enforces it.

God help you if you borrow something of theirs without permission; they’re so detail orientated, there’s no way you are getting away with it.


The messy one

The ones who are comfortable with the mess they make and rarely clean up after themselves.

They’re the ones who have never used the hoover, the ones who have a chair not for sitting but for their storage of books, laundry (both clean and dirty) and used bowls.

The ones who still need their mum and have the stereotypical teenage room: posters, an overflowing bin and piles of clothes!

The loud one

They tend to be nocturnal and roam free during the early hours of the morning. You hear their arguments; you’ll swear they wear bricks for shoes, and you’ll be sure to hear their alarm go off at unsociable hours.

Purchasing good quality noise cancelling ear plugs is an investment you will make for your sleep.

The mousy one

They’re the ones who you met once during fresher’s week – and then never again.

You might see them on campus, from afar but you’re never sure it’s them. You’ll forget what they look like. Then one day they’ll send you a friend request, and yet you’ll never see any posts from them on social media.

They take ghosting to a whole new level.

The party animal

They’re the life and soul of the party, the ones who are always there at the pre-drinks.

They’re the ones who you see drunk more than sober, who are passed out in the hallway at 4am, and yet they still manage to show up to their 9am lecture on time.

So, there you have it. Meeting all the different characters is what makes the university experience an experience. Embrace it and please say hi to them from us!

Kaz Bosali graduated with a degree in Law from the University of Westminster and is HYBR’s Editor-in-Chief.

She’s always had a love of writing and all her interests stem from that: poetry, literature and blogging.

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