8 Ways to Leverage Your Social Media for Employment

October 29, 2020
Kaz Bosali

Social media is a powerful tool to leverage

By Kaz Bosali

According to ONS, the past 10 years has seen an increase in the number of graduates – there were 14 million students who graduated in 2017. When applying for jobs upon graduation, you will need to have more than a degree to stand out amongst a sea of potential candidates. As reported by Monster, before you’re even shortlisted for a job now, 77% of potential employers google an applicant.  

You don’t want to miss opportunities. Here are 8 keys to leverage your social media for employment.

Understand your online footprint is your personal brand

Your online platforms are an employer’s first impression of you before they meet you in person. What you retweet, your likes, your images speak wonders about your character. Your social media accounts are your personal brand.

Impress employers with a professional email

Your email address is one of the few territories where it’s advisable to play it safe. ‘Babbiigirl’, ‘Queen Bee’ ‘Princess [Insert name]’ don’t work well.

Simply put your first name and last name to be taken seriously.          


Have a LinkedIn and keep it up to date

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Utilise it as your online CV and portfolio. Keep it up to date, boast (modestly) about your achievements, write articles and commentary about your industry. It is a chance for you to showcase your skills and commercial awareness.

Google yourself

What comes up when you google your name? Look at it through the lens of a stranger. Ask a friend of a friend to Google you and see what they find. You would be surprised. This is a great exercise for you to know how you come across objectively.

Delete as appropriate

Last year Emmerdale actress Aiesha Richards was fired when offensive tweets from 5 years prior resurfaced.

That photo of you passed out at a party, that video of you taking shots, that status of you ranting about your boss, it can come back to haunt you. Go on a deleting spree.

Showcase your knowledge

You can write articles and posts for LinkedIn, make videos on YouTube or have a blog dedicated entirely to your field. Do it from the mindset of adding value and not for likes. You’d be marketing yourself as someone with an understanding of your chosen industry. 

Build your network in your area of interest

Gone are the days of ‘it’s who you know’. The internet is an amazing tool; you can find out the relevant people in any organisation at the click of a button and get in contact with. LinkedIn is especially great for this, send a connection request and start building your network today.

And finally: put yourself out there

Stepping out of your comfort zone is where the magic is. Outreach to people and don’t be shy to share your opinions.

The social media platforms algorithm will automate the people and content who are relevant to you and your industry.

And these are the people who you want to be visible to.  

A degree is standard now; it is a competitive world out there, with employers spoilt for choice when there’s a job opening. You never know who will stumble upon your profile, so ensure you have control over how you come across. Leverage your social media, it’s a powerful tool that you can use to your advantage.


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