Benefits of having part-time job during university

November 5, 2020
Kaz Bosali

A guest post by Leanne from The Irish Graduate

Earn extra money and independence

It goes without saying that having a part-time job will give students financial independence. They will no longer look to their parents for money and will be free to have new experiences, be it booking city breaks or spending a bit too much money online shopping. But for many, it is the only way that they can afford to attend university, meaning it is more so a necessity than a luxury in enabling them to complete their degree.

Develop transferable skills

The transferable skills that students gain from their part-time roles contribute greatly to their success in their career. Insurance, healthcare, and sales to name but a few, are all customer-facing roles much like your weekend job in the local shop. So, by working to develop your interpersonal, leadership and communication skills as a student, employers will see you as an asset to their organisation, which will help you ace any job interview. 

Meet new people 

Working part-time and being surrounded by others from all walks of life, provides students with the perfect opportunity to meet new people.

Not everyone will find their “tribe” in university like we are led to believe but making friends while in work makes up for that, for many students.

This also helps students to develop their interpersonal skills, which can be used when they begin their “adult job” and have to settle into a new workplace with new people.

Gain professional experience 

A part-time job during university does not necessarily mean you spend your weekends working behind a deli counter or in a clothes shop. Throughout your time in college, you can gain professional experience by working in your area of study. This could be running the social media channels of a local shop or restaurant, doing freelance videography work, or working as a health care assistant.

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Meet Leanne from The Irish Grad

My name is Leanne and I am a 23 year old graduate from Ireland. I have recently completed a Business Studies degree in Dublin City University.

The Irish Graduate is a blog dedicated to sharing my experiences of college, commuting, and time abroad as I navigate my way through my early twenties as well as sharing the graduate stories of others in the ‘My Graduate Life’ series.

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