8 Tips To Cope During Lockdown

November 5, 2020
Kaz Bosali

Looking After Your Mental Health During Lockdown

By Kaz Bosali

2020 has been unusual for everyone. Most countries, including the UK, have gone into lockdown to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. Whilst this is an understandable measure, the closure of gyms and shops is a difficult new norm to adjust to. Students around the world are having to find ways of staying healthy and happy

Whilst you cannot control outside events, you can control yourself. Mental health remains incredibly important, so here are 8 tips to help you cope while in lockdown in your student accommodation.

Tip 1: Limit Your Consumption of News

As long as the Coronavirus remains a threat, news topics are unlikely to be positive.

Stay informed of the updates, but avoid checking the news every hour of the day.  You’ll get yourself into a state of anxiety and fear, which weakens your immune system - not ideal when you’re trying to stay safe from a virus!

Consume the news, but don’t be consumed by it. You’ll likely know about the updates from those closest to you.

Stay informed, but don’t let the news get you down!    

Tip 2: Become present through meditation

There are so many health benefits to meditating, as well as different types of meditation. Find one that works for you. The app Calm has guided meditations that are helpful if you’re a beginner. It’ll help you be present, grounded and focused so that your time in lockdown is less stressful.

Despite these difficult times, you can use meditation to become more grateful for what you have and work on personal development. Meditation apps are ideal for students looking to boost their academic performance.

Tip 3: Check in on family and friends

We’re apart physically but we can still connect. FaceTime the people you care about, message them or call them. For now, social distancing is the single best step we can take to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, but making an effort to contact loved ones can make the world of difference to your mental health.

Important note: check in on your grandparents!

Tip 4: Listen to music

Listen to music that makes you feel good. Captain Tom Moore’s You’ll Never Walk Alone can uplift anyone. Coronavirus news tends to be negative and lockdown can make you feel like you’re stuck, but music offers an escape by transporting the mind to a happier place and helping you to beat negative emotions.       

Tip 5: Go for a walk

Even in lockdown, exercise is allowed, so make the most of it!

Just 20 minutes of walking can improve your mood as well as boosting your immune system during this crucial time.

It also helps to alleviate depression. The gyms may be closed, but this is a wonderful way to get some physical activity done.

Tip 6: Revisit your goals

The lockdown is a perfect opportunity for self-reflection and making new goals. Having something to look forward to and working on it now, can help you stay focused and on purpose. With the extra free time that lockdown provides, try to be productive and regain a sense of meaning. Make your student home into your perfect study space!

Tip 7: Do something creative

Don’t just be a consumer but be a creator. Paint, write poetry, or create a vision board for your student home. These creative activities are incredibly therapeutic. You might just discover your passion or embark on a new exciting career journey after you finish uni!

Tip 8: Declutter your house

There’s evidence that the state of your environment reflects the state of your mind. Get rid of anything that has bad memories and associations.

You can donate food to a food bank and sell the clothes you’ve never worn. Use this de-cluttering time to personalise your student house and make it feel more homely. You’ll be spending a lot of time inside during lockdown, so you might as well make it a pleasant place to live!

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to unprecedented circumstances, but it’ll pass. You’ll be back to complaining about the rush hour before you know it. In the meantime, you can control yourself and direct your focus on new goals to look forward to.

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