How to Find the Right Home Next Semester

April 30, 2021
Kaz Bosali

Finding and choosing the right place and type of accommodation as a student is not as simple as it seems. You have to think about budget, costs, bills and the type of home you want. Read on for HYBR’s 4 pieces of advice to help you find the right home. 

Search reliable websites 

Start with the internet! There are lots of websites that feature all different types of homes like HYBR . You can filter through the features that you want within your budget. Warning: if you’re using sites other than HYBR, be wary - if something looks dodgy or seems too good to be true, it’s normally because it is! Always go for a viewing before you book a property. 

Ask students who’ve been there, done that

Talk to your friends in Halls! You’re likely part of an online community in the form of Facebook groups. Make a post of what you’re looking for and share within these groups. You never know, someone could know someone, or it could be read by a person that can offer you what you’re looking for. You never know and it wouldn’t hurt to try. 

Or, ask HYBR to connect you with an ambassador or a student who has lived in a HYBR home before. 

Approach your Student Union or a lettings agent 

We’d recommend reaching out to the professionals if nothing turns up from your own research. Either get in touch with your accommodation officer at your university or research a student approved agent. A lettings agent can save you time by finding you the right place, but they are quite expensive and have fees. 

Top tip: if you decide to use an agent, always research their reviews on TrustPilot

Get in touch with HYBR 

We are more than happy to help and have a wonderful array of homes that you can choose, to suit different budgets too. We make it as transparent and as stress-free as possible! Have a look at our homes here.

Having the right place to go to after a long day of essays, coursework and lectures makes a huge difference to the Uni experience. These are 4 simple but worth it pieces of advice that will help you find the right home next semester!