How to Decorate your House without hurting the Environment

April 30, 2021
Anchit Prakash

Everyone loves to live in a cozy house. Especially for the students who just came from their own house to live in a different country and rented accommodation. Also, due to climate change, you have to take care of what you put in your house so that it doesn’t harm the environment.

Furthermore, as you are a student, you are on a tight budget and won’t be able to spend much on decoration in your rented accommodation. Remember not to put something at your place that would leave a permanent mark as your landlord will deduct the repairing part from your security deposit.

HYBR has some tips for the students who want to decorate their accommodation without hurting the environment.


We know you are away from your friends and family, and you miss them terribly.

Buy a couple of small frames, get your favourite pictures framed, and place them in your room.

You won’t feel lonely at all. We understand that loved ones are really necessary for life, and this tip would be fruitful for you.


Placing small potted plants are always a good and cheerful idea. They bring life to your place. Make sure to keep them near windows so that they can get some sunlight as well.

Keep the window open a little bit in the night so that the carbon dioxide doesn’t remain inside your accommodation.

As they are small and mostly in cold condition, you won’t have to water them every day. They would look fresh to you every time you look at them. Don’t bring flowers as they will be hard to manage and will get dried up eventually.


This is something many students usually ignore while it is the most important thing to take care at your rented place. This may sound cliché, but a clean place automatically looks beautiful. When you see your room tidy, your mood will cheer up. Make sure to keep your belongings in a proper place, clothes folded & in the closet, dishes clean in the stand while remembering to mop/vacuum the floor regularly.

Decorating your house isn’t about buying fancy and expensive stuff, but the things that are simple and bring joy to your life. Don’t focus on what other households are doing, but buy things that are close to you. Because it’s your place and you have to live there. So, stay happy and keep smiling in those joys.

About the Writer:

Anchit is a published writer and is active in writing about the social and political climate of the world. Currently, a Master’s student at the University of Bristol.

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