How to Survive Christmas on a Budget

April 30, 2021
Anchit Prakash

Christmas is on our doorsteps and some of you are still at university far away from your families. You are done with your semester and thinking about what to do on this special occasion. As a student, of course, you are on a tight budget. You are missing the special meals and decorations at home and at top of this, due to pandemic, you are not able to meet groups of people at once. Just one piece of advice: don’t feel sad. This is normal. Moving to a different place among new people has given you a chance to explore new sides of your life. Get stuck in instead of feeling nostalgic. Here are HYBR’s tips for you to stay happy this holiday season.


Cook with Friends

You don’t need tons of money to celebrate Christmas. Just meet 1-2 friends at once. Eating out would be expensive. Cooking at home will cost you a fraction of what you will spend outside. Buy a small light wire and put it on your window to give a cozy look to your place. Talking and cooking together will make you smile. It will give you a chance to live the moment that you always dreamt of. It’s freezing, so buy some drinks to add more laughs to your conversation. Don’t forget to have some chocolates. You will always remember the night. When you split the expenses, you will realise that the night was worth it.

Call Someone at Distance

Technology has its pros and cons. People feel connected, but still, they are disconnected. You already have the internet at your place. Call someone that you haven’t talked to for long. Catch up with him or her. Get some updates on their life and share yours. Maybe that person has been waiting for your call since you last spoke. By the time you disconnect the call, you will realise that you found your lost friend. You will be happy about it. Sharing emotions doesn’t cost anything.

Watch a Movie

Many of you already have subscriptions to Netflix or Prime. Watching a movie or a TV series always takes a load off of your mind. If not sure what to watch, go traditional. Our recommendation would be Die Hard or Home Alone. Or if you want to watch some rom-com, pick any of Adam Sandler’s (50 First Dates or Grown Ups) or Bill Murray’s (Lost in Translation or Broken Flowers) film. They are always lovely to watch. Who knows watching something new might inspire you.


Take a stroll in the evening and explore what the city of Bristol has to offer. Take some pictures from your phone. The glittering lights, Christmas trees, decorative homes, and numerous smiles on the way will cheer you up. This won’t cost a penny and when you go back to your place, you will feel you lived a new day. Those pictures will always remind you of your 1st Christmas at Bristol.

There is no perfect way to celebrate a festival. Christmas is no different. It’s all about happiness. A lot has happened in 2020 that no one expected. Like others, you too must have had hard times, but here you are completing your degree in the hope to make a better future. Take the pressure off, keep hope alive and keep smiling. Trust us, you will feel good.

About the Writer:

Anchit is a published writer and is active in writing about the social and political climate of the world. Currently, a Master’s student at the University of Bristol. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or follow his blogs at (

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