How To Transform Your University Bedroom Into The Perfect Study Space

November 5, 2020
Lavinia Jury

By Lavinia Jury.

Staying motivated whilst studying at home can be pretty tough. There are so many distractions and more appealing options of things to do (like sleeping). Going to the library can often feel quite daunting, and it can be hard to motivate yourself to make the journey in unless you really need to. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your bedroom’s study zone will encourage you to do your work. Below are some tips to get you started.


1.     Keep your room tidy!

It really is true that a tidy room means a tidy mind. Trying to knuckle down in a messy room makes it a whole lot harder to concentrate, so cleaning up before hand and maintaining order really does make a difference to your productivity.

2.     Separate your sleeping space and your study space

As appealing as it may seem to work in your bed, it definitely doesn’t bode well for your work efforts. Creating a distinction between where you rest and where you work is really important for your brain to know when to switch off and when to kick into action! It’s also pretty hard to resist the urge to sleep when you work in bed.

3.     Declutter your desk to limit distractions

The more distractions available to you, the harder it is to focus. By clearing your desk of any possible disruptive items, you are sure to have an easier time concentrating. 

4.     Put post it notes on your wall to keep yourself motivated

 It can be beneficial to write little notes to yourself or stick up your schedule on your wall to keep your motivation high and remind you to keep going.

5.     Make sure there is enough light!

This seems a little obvious, but I remember how dark university homes can be. Investing in a desk lamp or even a new lightbulb could make all the difference when it comes to studying.  

6.     Get a comfortable chair

 This isn’t really essential but definitely helps. After a few hours in an uncomfortable chair, your bed seems much more inviting, so it might help you to stay in that chair if it’s a little comfier. 

7.     Close your door

Getting distracted by your own housemates is the hardest constraint of them all. Flatmates popping in for a ‘quick chat’ can easily turn into an hour-long break, so closing your bedroom door can limit the chances of them coming in to distract you.

Studying at home does come with its benefits, like being able to make tea or coffee for free and using your own bathroom to name a few, so if you can manage to be productive at your bedroom desk, you have earned yourself a great skill!

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