Read this if you’re thinking about dropping out

November 5, 2020
Kaz Bosali

Assess the short term and long term altogether

By Kaz Bosali

Official figures have shown that 2/3 of universities and colleges have seen an increase in the proportion of students dropping out. Whether students start university and then decide it’s not for them, or they realise they have no passion for the subject they’re studying, more and more undergraduates are dropping out.

If you’re thinking about dropping out, here are three action plans to do before making the decision to drop out.

Speak to your Personal Academic Tutor. Perhaps you have doubts about your course, or maybe you aren’t enjoying it as much as you thought you would. Booking an appointment to see your tutor is advised. They can answer any questions that you have and give you more clarity of the modules and expectations of the degree. You may be having a hard time adjusting to university or feeling homesick but discussing with your tutor is worth it to assess the long-term implications and options available to you.  

Utilise the career services. This is one of the best services every university offers. If you are thinking of dropping out, book in a consultation with a career’s advisor. Whatever your plans are for when you drop out – or whether you don’t have a plan, they can give you advice to steer you in the right direction. They can also provide you with CV feedback and resources to utilise.

Have a plan. What do you want to do instead of studying for your degree? Have you secured employment? What about money and living expenses? The worst thing is to drop out without having anything to do. You can discuss your next move with your personal tutor, the careers service,  family and friends or Samaritans  on 116 123.

University is not for everyone. If you’re thinking about dropping out, weighing the pros and cons with the resources and people available to you offers clarity.

Ultimately you are an adult and you’re the only one that knows what is right for you. 

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