A Spring Clean is a Good Idea

April 30, 2021
Kaz Bosali

It’s now April and that means spring is here. There’s always a renewed sense of optimism and hope during this time; the first signs of growth are showing in nature, the sun is shining and the weather is changing.


Rejuvenation and renewal are what spring has come to represent, and with everything that has happened with Covid-19, this year, it is somewhat more literal than figurative. This means out with the old and in with the new, and during this fresh season, a spring clean is a good idea. Here are 3 things HYBR would recommend you to declutter!


Your environment matters  

Your external state is a reflection of your internal state, and keeping your place organised, clean and minimal can have a huge impact on your mood and productivity.


Read our previous article on keeping your house smelling nice here.


Donate or sell your belongings

Part of keeping an orderly environment is knowing what you have and keeping it neat and tidy. Sometimes the things we no longer use can accumulate and just take up space unnecessarily.  


It is a good idea to unhoard your place by donating or selling the things you don’t use anymore. It will help you feel good and lighter too.


Declutter your mind

 As well as living in a clean and comfortable environment, it is more important to look after your mental health. Make the most of the warmer weather by taking up jogging or taking in the blooming scenery by going outside for a walk.


Journaling, a self-care routine and exercising are wonderful for your mental health. If this is an area that’s been neglected, now’s the time to revisit it.


So, these are HYBR’s 3 simple but delightful ways you can do a spring clean and how you can use this time to represent change and renewal.

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