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Published on
July 31, 2023
Last updated on
July 31, 2023

Renting to Students - Pros & Cons

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Learn about how Hybr helps letting agents let to students and de-risk their portfolios

Who are we? HYBR is a student accommodation platform that supports renters at every stage of their journey. We offer all types of accommodation options for all types of students and budgets. HYBR supports students to find houses, house-shares, and any relevant services they need. 

Why should landlords rent to students?

1. The education market is recession-proof as the government pays students to continue renting even in times of economic downfall. (People even love to upskill in times of economic crises!)

2. Less risk of voids as students look at renting properties for a 12-24 month tenancy and the market is famously under supplied. In fact, the percentage of student voids is less than 5% in the UK. And, on the off chance that a student needed to break a tenancy early, Hybr would find a replacement tenant at a small cost to the student.

3. You may struggle to believe us but statistically speaking, there are 40% fewer maintenance costs while managing a student accommodation property. Students are not fussy about state-of-the-art accommodation and they have fewer demands than professionals and families.

How does HYBR advertise your properties? 

HYBR has partnerships in place with key London Universities like UCL, Imperial College, LSE, and the University of Westminster among others. We work as official rental advisors and organise in person and online workshops, and social events to help students access advice and meet potential housemates.

HYBR has more than 50 student ambassadors who help us promote our properties and taps into the network effects.

HYBR lists your properties on property portals like Rightmove (at no additional cost!) and runs performance marketing ads and social media campaigns. 

HYBR runs email marketing campaigns and works with press outlets to generate more demand for your properties.

Understanding the student rental market

The student rental season starts in October, peaks from December - April & then peaks again as a result of ‘Clearing’ in mid-August. Except in London, where we see most movement between June - September every year. 

Better yields and customer satisfaction

HYBR has helped landlords make better yields by transforming their properties into student properties. 

Landlords who let through Hybr save money on fees & marketing 

Our fees for let-only are 15%-18% of the 1st month’s rent (including finding tenants, organizing the viewing & sending personalized bios of the group) 

While the traditional agent fees for letting a property are as high as 100% of the first month’s rent 

Agents & landlords spend £30 per listing per month on RightMove, whereas if they use Hybr, they can advertise on RightMove for free 

A 1 bedroom property in Bristol can be rented for £1,200 per month, a 2 bedroom property can be rented for £1,700 per month, a 3 bedroom property can be rented for £2,400 per month & a 4 bedroom can be rented for £2,600 per month

NEXA properties case study

Nexa Properties is a family-owned estate agent. They use Hybr as a platform to optimise their lettings process.

Nexa Properties saved time, impressed their portfolio landlords & found great tenants:

1. Hybr advertises all of Nexa’s properties & vets all tenants, helping Nexa arrange viewings in time blocks each week. Post viewing, Hybr chases the tenants for feedback & ensures that the tenants complete Nexa’s booking process to secure the room

2. Over the last 6 months, Nexa has sped up the time it takes to get a tenant from viewing requested to a room rented by 35%

3. Hybr ensures Nexa’s team saves 2 hours per tenant

4. Hybr improves customer satisfaction, ensuring that the tenant-agent relationship starts off on the right note. Nexa’s tenants have access to Hybr’s student-friendly resources & reminders to ensure they know what is expected of them 

“Hybr helps massively to find us pre-qualified & vetted leads for our properties. It helps us focus on growing our portfolio and managing our relationships with our landlords,” says Neil Thorpe, Managing Director, NEXA Properties

“Hybr platform allows tenants to book viewings with ease & deals with everything from referencing to tenancy agreements to the payments of the rent & renewals which empowers students to have a great rental experience.”

“It’s been brilliant working with Hybr as they take care of the communication with the student tenants & have an online platform, which makes the whole process very streamlined,”  says, Laura Joyce, Client Director, Nexa Properties. 

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