HYBR for Landlords

Here are some of the benefits:

Cheaper rates.

Our fees are a sliver of the commission paid to an agency - 6% commission compared to estate agents that range up to 20%.

We source tenants fast + offer flexibility.

We do the work for you: through leveraging the use of social media we ensure our digitalised campaigns and ambassador programmes bring the student community straight to you.

We offer different management packages at different price points and can create a bespoke package for you depending on what you are after. You can remain in control of your portfolio or be completely hands off - it is up to you.

You can vet prospective tenants, have the security of pre-verified guarantors and view tenant enquiries. We offer fully automated rental contracts, referencing / background checks and find you the best tenants.

Free Marketing.

Free listings. No upfront payment needed. No risk taken.

Better Tenants.

We educate our tenants to encourage them to become better tenants and support them throughout their rental journey at no extra cost for you.

A happier tenant means an easier rental season.

Access to Trusted Contractors.

We have access to a network of contractors including electricians, cleaners and plumbers. We can arrange prompt maintenance and payment of contractor invoices.

With the landlords permission we are planning on creating a direct link between students and pre-vetted tradespeople to ensure our landlords spend less time worrying about maintenance issues.

More Time To Focus On Yourself.

Our online solution can ensure you are free to enjoy other aspects of life with the assurance that you are retaining 94% of the profit.

Supported by Bristol University.

We always ensure we create good relationships between HYBR and the universities in each city we venture into so our landlords are supported if they are having issues with the students.

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