Become a HYBR ambassador,
earn money and make a difference!

We are on the lookout for Brand Ambassadors to help us change the students rental industry for the better!

Why should you become a Brand Ambassador?

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain valuable professional experience and have the time of your life while earning some cash! This opportunity will help you to maximize your strengths and develop important skills to help you get your dream role - maybe even at HYBR!

What will be your responsibilities?

This is definitely not your average 9-5 job. As an HYBR Brand Ambassador, you'll be empowered to decide which projects you want to work on to help us generate brand awareness and make HYBR grow.

As an organization run by recent graduates we understand the needs of students. We value your time and don’t take it for granted. This is why we pay our Brand Ambassadors the following:
• Collaborate at marketing initiatives and earn £10/hour
• Refer a new tenant and both of you will earn £25
• Refer a new ambassador and both of you will earn £25
• Refer a new student club and earn £10
• Refer a new landlord and earn £25

You are in control of your own hours, you can work as little or as much as you like to earn the commission you need each month.

Who can be our Brand Ambassador?

All students! Whether you're an undergraduate or postgraduate, local or international, we’re seeking students from all around the world!

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