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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs will help you to understand how Hybr can help you improve your letting experience. Whether you are a student looking for new student accommodation or a landlord looking to let your property, we can help. Search our FAQs and click to reveal the answers.


Is Sheffield a good place for students?
Is Sheffield cheap for students?
Is Sheffield a friendly city?
Is Lincoln good for international students?
Is Lincoln a good uni?
Is Lincoln good for nightlife?
Is Lincoln a good student city?
Is Lincoln UK safe to live?
Is Lancaster a good city for students?
Is Lancaster a nice area?
Is Lancaster affordable for students?
Is Lancaster UK safe?
Is Lancaster good for international students?
How can I do London on a budget?
Is London good for studies?
How easy is it to get around?
Is it better to live in private student accommodation in London?
Is London fun for students?
What is student life like at Bristol?
What is the best thing about being a student at Bristol?
Is Bristol cheap for students?
Is Bristol a good University town?
Is Bristol cheaper than London?
Is Liverpool a good place for students?
How safe is Liverpool for students?
Is Liverpool affordable for students?
Is Liverpool a good city for international students?
What is special about Liverpool University?
Do you offer help with bills management?
What does “Coming Soon” mean?
I’m looking to houseshare, can I find single rooms in shared houses on HYBR?
Is Hybr only for students?
How does HYBR work?
Do I Pay Council Tax?
Who protects my deposit?
What happens to my tenant’s deposit?
Is Wi-Fi included?
Can I sub-let my room?
What is a HMO property?
Do I have to pay a 12 month deposit?
When do I pay?
How much is a deposit?
How do I use HYBR?
What is a guarantor - do I need one?
Do I need to tell my mortgage lender?
How much can you charge tenants for dropping out of a contract?
How can I get in touch with someone about listing?
Why should I choose HYBR over a letting agency?
How do I use Hybr?
Should I have an inventory?
How do I list my property with Hybr?
What is the difference between Hybr and a letting agency?
What do I do if the tenant damages the property?
Why should we chose to work with Hybr?
What channels do you market on?
How do I get my property on the top of the list/front page?
Do you create content/blogs/articles on my property/rooms?
How do you add value to my business?
How do you vet enquiries?
What are your fees?
How many lets do Hybr do a month ?

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