The Fanciest Student Halls Across The UK

December 12, 2022
Last updated:
April 23, 2024
A church with a tree in front of it.

Once you’ve picked your chosen undergraduate course, picking your top five universities is the next important decision college students have to make. Although it’s important to consider things like location, student satisfaction and league table rankings, there is another factor to take into account: accommodation. 

Student accommodation sometimes gets a bad reputation - with horror stories about nightmare flatmates or difficult landlords. Fortunately, times have changed... and so has student accommodation. Some student halls are more luxurious than you could imagine! We’ve listed some of the fanciest student halls across the UK below… 

St Salvadors Hall (St Andrews)

First up, we have St Salvadors Hall, located at St Andrews University in Fife. Originally built in 1930, it boasts a beautiful dining hall with stained glass windows. It houses over 200 students and offers fully catered accommodation. Its old-fashioned charm and central location make it a beautiful and convenient place to live. Some notable residents include the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton)! 

A large building with a lamp post.

St Johns College (Cambridge)

Next up, we have St Johns College, of Cambridge University. These student halls are located alongside the banks of the River Cam -  right in the middle of Cambridge. There are more than 500 rooms - which have housed some famous graduates, including William Wordsworth and Douglas Adams. Students have regular candle-lit, three-course dinners in the hall, where gowns are worn and guests are welcome. 

A large stone building with a lawn and a large archway.

Christ Church (Oxford)

Christ Church at Oxford University is located between Oxford centre and the vast green spaces of Christ Church Meadow. Famous for its collection of Old Master paintings and drawings and Oxford Cathedral, Christ Church is seriously fancy. You might recognise some areas of the college from the Harry Potter films - where Hogwarts students were often seen roaming the halls. 

A fountain in front of a castle.

Churchill Hall (Bristol)

Churchill Hall is located at the University of Bristol. It’s a beautiful place to live and study - it offers spacious student dormitories and its very own botanical garden. 

A large brick building with a lawn in front of it.

Harry French (Loughborough)

Last but certainly not least is Harry French accommodation, of Loughborough University. It’s located just 200 metres from campus, set in an array of stunning gardens. It even has its own common room, with TV and gaming facilities for all to enjoy! 

A white house with columns and a porch.

Although living within the fanciest student halls in the UK may sound appealing, it’s important to remember to pick a University that feels right for you! Your dorms don’t have to have housed famous graduates or featured in films to become your home away from home. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart when picking your accommodation! 

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