Financial help while attending University

August 2, 2023
Last updated:
April 23, 2024
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Many students struggle financially at university. It is often difficult to work during you studies and the Maintenance loan struggles to cover your rent and living expenses effectively in many cases.

Bursaries, Scholarships and Grants are forms of financial aid that don't need to be paid back and can be a great way to take some of this pressure off so you can enjoy your Uni experience. While it does require effort to apply for them, many students simply don’t realise they’re eligible so miss out on the free aid on offer. 


  • Paid to help students with some living costs and for a specific purpose. It depends on personal circumstances (e.g household income, disabilities) and are paid by charities/trusts. This is a one-off payment.


  • Also based on these elements but are paid by the uni or current/future employers. Each bursary scheme requires a certain area of study along with these personal circumstances. This is a one-off payment.


  • Completely based on achievement or excellence in academics, sports or music and paid for by the Uni or current/future employers. This can come in the form of reduced tuition fees and/or a one-payment to help with living costs.
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Real-life examples

Cardiff University Scholarship:

  • Requirements; min AAA at A-level, meet uni offer, accept the offer of a place on a firm basis.
  • Aid: £3,000 in total. £1,500 in first year and £1,500 paid throughout the rest of your course.

Nicholls Art Bursary (Uni of Bristol)

  • Requirements; single or joint honours theatre degree, less that £25,000 household income, first-year student, never been to university.
  • Aid: £2,500

Lancaster Global Scholarship (Lancaster Uni):

  • Requirements; A*A*A at A Level, International Student. (specifics can be found through the link.
  • Aid: depends on various criteria.

Lincoln Excellence Scholarship (Uni of Lincoln):

  • Achieve the highest entry qualification to Lincoln within their faculty, be a UK citizen
  • Aid: £1,000 

Mrs Bessie Rook Memorial Travel Scholarship (Uni of Exeter):

  • Requirements; spend 6 months in Germany/France (not a national of these two countries), undergrads or postgrad. 6 scholarships available.
  • Aid: £1,000 

Accommodation Bursary (Uni of Bath):

Low-level Bursary: 

  • Requirements; full-time undergrad, assessed household income of £42,875-60,000
  • Aid: £500

High-level Bursary:

  • Requirements; full-time undergrad, assessed household income of £25,000-42,875
  • Aid: £1,250

The Cowrie Foundation Scholarship (Liverpool Uni):

  • Requirements; to be of caribbean/african descent, firmed a place at the uni, £25,000 household income per annum. 
  • Aid; tuition fee paid for + £8,000 maintenance grant.

Sports Scholarship (Uni of Sheffield):

  • Requirements; registered student, supporting statement from a coach, playing at a sufficient level with achievements, demonstrate how they can be an asset.
  • Aid: strength and conditioning coach, lifestyle mentoring, physiotherapy support, gym membership and for some, £1,000.

As you can see, there is a wide selection of aid from Universities around the UK for students in a variety of situations. These are simply examples of schemes from these selected Universities, there are many more options which I would recommend you look through to see if any match your needs. It’s well worth it!!

If this is still unclear or you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch today for a casual chat with a friendly and helpful member of the team. Email us at We’re always happy to help!!

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