How to Have a Successful Night Out

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December 12, 2022
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April 23, 2024
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Nights out and clubbing are undoubtedly a huge part of university culture - from freshers week to themed events, you’re introduced to the student party lifestyle from the moment you arrive on campus. Even if you don’t drink, a night out is a great way to bond with new flatmates and course mates. Remember to stick with what you’re comfortable with - whether that’s just pre-drinks, a trip to a cocktail bar or a fully-fledged club crawl. The most important thing is to have fun! Here are HYBR’s five tips for arranging a successful, stress-free night out for when you need a break from your studies. 

  1. Before you leave… 

A good night out starts with the basics: making sure your phone is fully charged and that you have all of the essentials with you. Keep your ID, cash, bank cards and keys in a safe place where you won’t lose them. Sometimes, bringing a small bag is better than relying on your pockets. Don’t forget spare change for lockers and coatrooms if you’re venturing out in the colder months. 

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If you’re heading out with new friends, it’s a good idea to add their numbers to your phone contacts or add them on social media, in case anybody gets lost. If you’re hosting or going to a pre-drinks, be sure to bring your own alcohol and your favourite mixer. Bringing your own glasses and straws can be helpful too. If you have them, bringing a speaker or a pack of cards is a great way to get the party started. 

Be cautious of how much you drink - although pre-drinks are a great way to save money on drinks once you’re in a bar or club, being under the influence of alcohol can make you more vulnerable. Know your limits and party with people that you trust! 

  1. Stay with people you know…  

It can be easy to lose friends in a busy bar or club. Be sure to take a taxi together to your chosen destination and let your friends know if you want to go somewhere (like the toilets or the bar) alone.

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If you haven’t seen your friend in a while and are getting worried, drop them a message. At the end of the night, always head home with friends and avoid walking or taking taxis alone. 

  1. Enjoy yourself!

Although there can be a lot of things to think about safety-wise, don’t forget to have fun! Take advantage of themed nights and whip out your best fancy dress costume. Keep an eye out for local drink deals - maybe a particular bar does a 2-for-1 offer on cocktails every week, or free shots when you collect their vouchers. If you’re a fan of karaoke, get on stage and sing your favourite tunes with your friends. If you have a specific music taste, look up local indie nights or drum and bass events. If you’re feeling cheesy, look out for your local clubs’ pop and early 2000s themed nights. Don’t be afraid to tailor an event to your taste! 

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  1. Post-night out meal 

Arguably the best part of a night out is the post-club snack. Head to your local takeaway or McDonalds and grab yourself some chips or a burger. You’ll need something to fuel your energy after all that dancing! 

  1. Once home…

After you’ve arrived safely back at home, take some time to prepare for the next day - your future self will thank you. Drink a glass of water and put some painkillers on your bedside table. If you’re feeling rough the next day, you won’t even have to make the trek from your room to the medicine cabinet. Take some time to rest up and recover, and catch up with your friends about everything that happened the night before. 

Those are HYBR’s five top tips for having a successful night out - remember, stay safe and enjoy yourself! It’s always good to have a well-deserved break from your studies. 

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