Hybr's 2024 Sustainability Commitment

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February 24, 2023
Last updated:
April 23, 2024
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Hybr's 2024 Sustainability Commitment

We care deeply about the environment, the created environment, and our students. We always want to push ourselves to challenge the status-quo and perform at best for all three.

  1. Thanks to our sustainable partnerships, we will plant one tree every time a student subscribes to our platform, and ten trees every time a student rents an apartment. The same thing will happen when a landlord subscribes and/or registers their property to our marketplace. We are the first company in our industry to adopt this strategy and contributing to decrease carbon footprint.
  2. We will only use sustainable materials for our boards, instead of simple plastics. Examples being, recycled PET (R-PET), bioplastic, PCL, PHA, etc. We are one of the only real estate tech brands using eco-friendly materials for our on-the-field advertising campaigns.
  3. We will offer great advantages to our landlords & students that aim to let/rent “sustainable” homes (sustainable meaning to have lower carbon footprint emission). We will add the carbon footprint emission value of each available home in the details section of all properties on our website portal. E.g. 75 units of CO2 consumed each month by this property ("low carbon footprint level= we suggest this property"). We will have to partner with a CO2 calculator firm.
  4. We will also offer enhanced referral schemes (vouchers, bigger discounts) for “green” clients to spur them into focusing their house investments to be as eco-friendly as possible.
  5. As time passes, sustainable properties listed on our website will gradually become more popular compared to less sustainable apartments. Therefore, Landlords will be enticed to focus their homes to be as sustainable as possible to appeal for HYBR’s student community, since sustainable homes will be more requested compared to non-sustainable ones.
  6. What does it mean to have an eco-friendly house? Homes can contain one or more of the following (the more the better):

    Being plastic free.
    Having solar panels.
    Consuming low levels of water, gas and energy.
    Optimize heating system.
    Optimize home appliances.
  7. We will work to build a strong corporate green mobility plan especially for HYBR’s employees, but also for stakeholders & customers, by opting out to utilize low impact vehicles, electric scooter, bicycles, and others instead of the standard options by other firms.
  8. We are committing to a “Green Office Revolution” by using only sustainable products in our offices such as:

plastic free office spaces, inkjet printers, recycled/bamboo toilet paper, cleaning products without toxic chemicals, recycled to-go containers, etc.

Let's do better, together.

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