3 Reasons the UK Is The Perfect Study Abroad Destination

December 12, 2022
Last updated:
April 23, 2024
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Choosing a destination for your year abroad is never easy. Every country – even every city – has something unique and special to offer, whether it be the reputation of the university, the student-friendly environment, the language, or simply the food. There is no sorting hat when it comes to the final decision, but here are three reasons why we think the UK is the perfect study abroad destination. 

  1. The language 

As you probably already know, English is spoken all over the world and is often used as a “safety net” language, understood by most and easy to fall back on if you’re struggling to communicate in the local language. Its widespread use in the professional and academic worlds means it is crucial nowadays to have a good level of both written and spoken English. What better way to immerse yourself in the language completely than by studying at one of the UK’s many universities? Not only will you be able to improve your academic writing skills, but you’ll also learn how to speak in a less ‘textbook’ way!

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  1. The university lifestyle 

With some of the oldest and best universities in Europe, the UK has its own unique university culture. Without dismissing the importance of academia, the social scene is a hugely important aspect of university life in the UK. Most universities encourage students to be a part of student-led societies that can enrich your social life as well as your CV. The beauty of these university societies is that there is something for everyone! Want to see more of the great outdoors? Join a hiking society. Feel more like staying inside and playing D&D? Try the board games society. Want to keep fit? Go along to one of the countless sports clubs. Thanks to these societies, not only can you keep enjoying the activities you do back home, but you will meet new people who share your interests! A little piece of advice: try something completely out of your comfort zone – you might be pleasantly surprised! 

  1. Embracing a new culture

Regardless of how well you know the language, or how much you have researched and learnt about the country you are going to, some culture shock is inevitable. Don’t fear it, embrace it! 

The UK has so much to offer, and the best way to acclimatise is to experience as much of it as possible. Visit the UK’s many free museums, spend an evening at the theatre or a weekend at a festival, pay a visit to your local pub, and definitely try the local cuisine whenever you can – it’s better than you might expect. You will quickly realise that the UK is far from being a rainy land of culinarily-incompetent, monolingual people, despite what the stereotypes might say. 

It may be just one amongst many other destinations for you to pick from, but why even consider anywhere else when you could be living it up in the UK? Thanks to its renowned academic institutions, work-life balance, and overall great university experience, we just know you will have the time of your life! Check out more of our top tips for student living in the UK at Student Travel Tips.

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