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July 20, 2023
Last updated:
March 11, 2024
The city of London from above showing all of the mazing lights and buildings.

Landlords, let's be real, investing in the London property market is the holy grail. The return on investment can be off the charts. But, to invest in property in London, you need to be whip-smart as there are risks due to the hefty upfront costs. You'll need to choose the right areas with high rental yields. You'll need to think about gentrification and growth areas. And importantly, you'll need to get the right tenants in your property. That's where we can help!  At Hybr, our team understands the intricacies of the London rental landscape. So we're helping our landlords, especially amid the cost of living and housing crisis, get to grips with the best areas to invest in property in London. 

Whether you're new to the London property market or searching for the latest gentrification zones, we've got your questions answered - so you can make the right call when investing in property in the big smoke. 

What’s different about the London property market?

A London red phone box outside a large property.

The rental landscape in London is like no other in the UK. Development in London is always on the move. You can read our blog on the things landlords should know when investing in London property here, but the key things are: 

  • London moves much quicker than other regions, with last-minute and short-term rentals
  • The availability of rental homes is limited, meaning there is huge competition, especially for students
  • In the UK, London is the most expensive city to rent, currently averaging at a £4,548 pcm 
  • London is an evolving city with constantly changing hot-spot boroughs to invest in 

And by no surprise, Time Out has announced London has been named the best city in the world in 2023, beating New York and Paris. It tops the desirability charts meaning as a landlord, your demand and possible returns are enormous. 

Compare 32 boroughs in London’s property market

The city of London skyline.

The scale of London’s can be overwhelming, so we’ve pulled together this comparison table of the 32 areas in London.

It's worth noting that there are 12 inner London boroughs and 20 outer London boroughs, and the City of London isn't classed as a borough, but we have included it here.

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to identifying hotspots and up-and-coming areas to invest in property. We've focused on these key factors, sourcing data from: 

Areas are listed alphabetically. 

Your safe bet? Enter the student property market in London

Student accommodation can be one of the best ways to invest in the London property market. The capital has the largest student population in London and the student season operates on a completely different scale than the rest of the UK. Instead of booking up to 10 months before moving in, it's more aligned with the professional market with last-minute and renting up to three-month before move-in. 

It’s estimated that over 400,000+ students live in London, so by choosing to invest in the student property market in London, you are opening the door to reliable, secured investment with immediate income and demand. 

We've been students in London before, let us help

Our Hybr team shared their personal experience to pull together a London guide of the most popular areas students want to live in that you can read here. Landlords, take note. 

We know the London property market, let us help  

A London underground platform.

At Hybr, we get the intricacies of the London market. We help students find homes, we help landlords find tenants here and we’ve got a growing stock of 1,500 rooms and a 30% month-over-month expansion rate. And we're thrilled to partner with esteemed universities like LSE, Imperial, UCL, and BIMM, helping them house students with trusted landlords. Whether it's student accommodation, young graduate housing, short-term tenancies, or long-term leases, we have you covered. Our team is based right here in London, ready to make a positive impact on the rental experience. If you're a London agent, operator, landlord or potential partner looking to collaborate, get in touch with us today at 02045870954.

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