How To Celebrate Halloween On A Student Budget

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December 12, 2022
Last updated:
April 23, 2024
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It's spooky season! Are you eager to get into the Halloween spirit - without spending all of your student loan? Then you’re in the right place. Here are our top-tips for enjoying Halloween, on a student budget. 

Get creative with your costumes

Wanting to dress up this Halloween? Don’t rush to buy a brand-new costume online - take a look in your wardrobe first. Is there anything you already own that you can piece together into a costume?

Here are some examples:
  • Vampire - any outfit will do for this one. All you need is some fake blood (or red lipstick) and some heavy eye make up!
  • Wednesday Addams - all you need for this one is a black dress and two braids in your hair. Bonus points for a white-collar (think the Berries and Cream TikTok meme). 
  • Men in Black - Got a suit and a pair of sunglasses? Then you’re ready to start protecting the earth from our neighbours from outer space. 
  • Joker - for this one, make up is more important than the costume! Grab yourself some face paint and put on your best clown face. Here’s a tutorial if you need some inspiration! 
A person in a witch garment holding a bouquet of dry flowers.

Host your own Halloween party

Want to celebrate the spooky season, whilst dodging the queue for your local nightclub? Why not host your own Halloween bash for you and your friends? Grab some spooky snacks and whack on your favourite ghostly tunes (think Thriller, I Put A Spell On You, Monster Mash) - you’re in for a great night. You could even try your hand at these fang-tastic Halloween cocktails. 

Drinking not your thing? Don’t worry! You can always host a scary movie night for you and some friends. Make some popcorn and enjoy a cozy evening in. Here’s a list of some of the most popular scary movies of all time, in case you need some inspiration. 

A sign on a staircase.

Get (witch)crafty

Want to transform your home into your very own haunted house? Don’t rush to buy expensive Halloween decor - make your own! You’ll be surprised what you can create with some coloured paper and pens. Make your own cobwebs, Halloween bunting and spooky sign posts… check out Etsy for inspiration! 

For a classic Halloween staple, take a trip to your nearest Pumpkin patch! Host a pumpkin carving competition with your friends - you might even be able to use the leftovers for some tasty pumpkin soup! Here’s a quick tutorial to help you. 

A bunting with pumpkins on it.

Those are HYBR’s top three tips for enjoying Halloween on a student budget. We hope you have a spook-tacular night! For some more tips for enjoying your Autumn term whilst at University, check out our last blog here

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