4 Things You Can Look Forward to From June 21st

April 30, 2021
Kaz Bosali

Since March last year, we’ve endured three national lockdowns and when the restrictions eased, it was never back to ‘normal’. Since then, several vaccines have been developed and the government has reportedly brought enough vaccines to immunise everyone in the country against the coronavirus.


Since the rollout of the vaccine, there has now been a decrease in hospital admissions, infection rates and deaths. The success of the vaccination programme means that the government has announced a roadmap to getting us out of the lockdown. In other words: freedom! There was a meme that went viral which said, “June 21st is basically Freshers Week for the whole country.” A statement worthy of a chuckle! The lockdown has been hard on introverts as much as extroverts, but now with a date pencilled in as to when the restrictions will ease, we can once again enjoy the simple things we once took advantage. Here are HYBR’s four things you can look forward to from June 21st.


Meeting our friends and family


There will be no rule of 6 to follow, or creating your social bubbles or limiting household mixing. You can now have your friends over, and see your family under the same roof and you can hug them! Quality time in person is so much better than over Zoom!




You’ll be able to take road trips, or (depending on the situation worldwide) may even be allowed to go on holiday abroad. With it being June, the weather is likely to be warm and sunny too, so we can enjoy a staycation. Bournemouth beach, a day out in London or shopping in Birmingham, there’s so much we can do.




Even when the previous lockdowns were eased, because of crowding and close contact, nightclubs have been shut since last year. But clubbing is set to be back on the agenda. You and your uni friends can dance your Friday nights away and enjoy pre-drinks.




Admit it, you’ve missed these! And it is something you can look forward to, lectures are part of the uni experience. You’ll probably be more engaged with your course in the lecture hall than over a Zoom call in your pyjamas.


The lockdown shave given us plenty of time to reflect, to know what really matters and to appreciate the little things we always took for granted. HYBR did say in a previous blog, we’ll be complaining about the rush hour before we know it. And now that date is close because time flies.  Something tells us there will come a time when we will miss all these Zoom calls. In the meantime, stay safe.

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