4 Ways to Deal with Bad Housemates

November 5, 2020
Kaz Bosali

You are now an adult

By Kaz Bosali

Most students move out for the first time for university and they live with strangers. You can’t choose your family that you grew up with and sometimes in dorms and student accommodations you can’t choose your housemates neither, especially in the first year.

On the unfortunate occasion that you don’t get on with your housemates, here are HYBR’s 4 suggestions on how to handle this predicament.

1) Create your own space

Make your bedroom your safe space - you don’t have to be around negativity. If you notice that spending time with certain people drains your energy and you don’t enjoy their company, then be mindful of their proximity.

Limit the time you’re physically around them. Out of sight, out of mind. The more time you have away from them, the less likely what they say/do will bother you. You might even see something good in them that you had missed before!

2) Set clear boundaries

If you don’t want them to help themselves to your food, if you don’t want to attend parties with them or if they’re too loud when you’ve got an exam upcoming, communicate it to them in a civil way. How can you expect them to improve if they are not aware of what bothers you. You needn’t feel bad about setting boundaries. 

3) Be responsive and not reactive

There’s a difference between being defensive and solution orientated. Should an issue arise, whatever it may be, approaching it when you’re calm, cool and are driving the conversation towards a certain outcome makes a difference to the atmosphere. Remaining civil in conflict is the best way forward. Be the bigger person.

4) It’s a learning curve

You will always be around people who aren’t your cup of tea. Remind yourself this is only for a year; it is not forever. This is an experience for you to, in some ways, practise your leadership skills. You will need to be solution orientated and deal with difficult people in the real world, and knowledge mainly comes from experience – often the most difficult ones!

If you ever need support or want a chat, please feel free to contact our customer support team. If you’re a student currently house-hunting, wanting to move out of your current house or you are starting university in September and you’re looking for accommodation that has fair and affordable prices, then get in touch with HYBR today.

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