How to Celebrate Halloween in 2020

October 30, 2020
Becky Firth

Halloween in 2020 will certainly be different to what most are used to. With themed parties and trick or treating off the table, you might be a bit stumped as to how to celebrate Halloween safely at university this year. But don’t worry, HYBR has several ideas for you and your flatmates, so you can still enjoy the spooky season safely and in style.

Celebrate with the people you live with

Just because you can’t go to a fancy dress event in town doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Get together with your flatmates and plan a fun-filled night for you all to enjoy. Decorating your flat with cobwebs, pumpkins, cut-out ghosts and any spooky decor you can find is a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween and spend time with your friends. Put on some spooky tunes whilst you decorate - it’s a great bonding experience.

Make themed cocktails

Head to your local shop and buy ingredients to make simple Halloween-themed cocktails. If you or your flatmates don’t drink, you can always adjust the recipes to make some spooky, spine-tingling mocktails. Making your own themed drinks is a great way to celebrate from home, without the need to go to a bar.

Hold a scary movie night

Netflix and Amazon Prime have an endless selection of Halloween-themed movies available for your enjoyment.

From kids classics (Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, Corpse Bride) to genuinely frightening horror flicks, there’s something for everyone. Microwave some popcorn, make some hot drinks, grab some blankets and settle down for a film night with your flatmates. Plus, you’ll get to see which one of you is more susceptible to jump scares.

Get dressed up anyway!

Just because you can’t go to your local club doesn’t mean you can’t go all in this Halloween. Hold your own fancy dress competition - challenge your flatmates to create their own scariest Halloween costumes. If you’re feeling really brave, try making everything by hand - with clothes and make up lying around the house! Take pictures together in your best spooky outfits - it will be a wonderful memory to look back on.

Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving is a great Halloween tradition to start with your flatmates. Get creative! Who can carve the best design? Remember to light them with tealight candles and switch the lights off to show off your work in all its spooky glory. There may be some socially-distanced pumpkin fields still open in your area - if not, pumpkins will likely be available in your local shop.

Quiz night

Collaborate on a giant Halloween-themed quiz - from famous monsters to scary movie trivia, test out your Halloween knowledge!

Who knows the most about Halloween in your flat? Who is the biggest scary movie fan?

The best part is that if  you would like to involve friends and family from home, you can conduct the quiz over Zoom or Skype. Create your quiz using PowerPoint or on paper if you’re feeling old fashioned!

Ghost stories

If you’re a believer in the supernatural, switch off the lights and gather around your newly-carved pumpkins and tell your own spooky stories. There’s no harm in making some scary tales up on the spot - sometimes, the sillier the story, the better. Or try the ‘build a story’ game, where you and your flatmates create your own Halloween story by saying a sentence each until you reach a conclusion. This can get a bit chaotic, but it can be a fun way to pass some time!

Halloween Baking

If you and your flatmates are avid fans of The Great British Bake Off, spending Halloween making your own ghostly treats will be good fun. Do some googling and find some recipes - maybe try these Easy Halloween Cookies if you’re a beginner. The best part? You can eat them afterwards.

Those are HYBR’s top tips for making the most of Halloween in 2020. Although things are undeniably strange this year, you can still have fun. It’s a great opportunity to bond with flatmates, new and old, and distant family and friends are always on the other end of the phone. Happy Halloween!