How to Keep Your Rental Home Warm

April 30, 2021
Anchit Prakash

Winter is here! And from this day, the temperature will only decrease for the next couple of months. You are maybe experiencing this for the first time or you have lived in this kind of weather before but now you are in rented accommodation. In either case, you are finding it hard to keep yourself warm.

HYBR understands your problems. We know you are on a tight budget and are here to give you some tips to remain warm while making sure that your gas bills don’t shoot up next month.

Heating the House

Buy a portable electric heater (check out one here or for cheaper, go to Amazon). Remember to be safe and always read the small print when using a portable heater as they can be inflammable! Or, turn on your central heating sparingly at key moments in the day. Try not to keep the heating on for the whole day. Use it in periods of around an hour or so. With that, your home will be warm for a longer time. Using the radiators for most of the time can also impact your health. It is best to switch it on at time intervals.

Wearing Woollens

Make sure to wear a pullover or a sweatshirt along with socks to keep yourself warm inside the house. Check out Uniqlo for some great under layers to keep warm!

The heat coming from radiators will warm you up for a longer period and you won’t have to use radiators for the whole day. Keep the windows closed so that the heat doesn’t get out.


We know most of you get shocked when you see people running on roads in such windy and rainy weather and that too in a hilly area.

Well, they have got used to it. Don’t get scared. You too can adopt that too. So, start doing some kind of exercise to keep yourself fit and warm. Start with walking and aerobics. It will help.

Cup of Tea

Drinking tea, especially green tea is really useful in cold weather.

Remember it has caffeine in it so don't drink it before bed! However, it helps you a lot in keeping the body warm from the inside.

The main problem with the regular use of radiators is mould. It grows quickly, especially in the bathrooms. Always remember to keep your bathroom window slightly open so that fresh air keeps coming in. Keep a mould killer at hand and use it as soon as you see even an inch of mould growing anywhere.

Remaining active will be a key way of keeping your body warm and so you can get used to this weather if you are from abroad!

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