6 Staycation Ideas During Covid-19

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August 6, 2023
Last updated:
April 23, 2024
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With restrictions lifting, but still, some uncertainty surrounding travel and holidays, making plans for spring and summer can feel a little difficult. Want to spend time with friends over the holidays, but unsure what to get up to? Want to stay local, but maintain the same lively vacation atmosphere? No need to worry, HYBR has some fun suggestions for weekend plans without the need for travel. 

Drive-in cinema 

Perfect for rain or shine, drive-in cinemas are a great alternative to traditional indoor theatres. There are plenty of events available around the UK, all showing a huge range of films for audiences of all ages. Bring some snacks, park up, tune in to the appropriate radio station and embrace the big-screen experience from the comfort of your car. Alternatively, you can host your own movie nights over Zoom

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For warmer days, get together with friends and organise a picnic at a local park, beach or garden. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with your friends and enjoy the sun. All it takes is a quick trip to the supermarket for some sandwiches, drinks and snacks! Bring your comfiest blanket, plenty of sunscreen and a speaker for a great outdoor get-together. Be sure to take pictures to remember your trip by! 

Day trip 

For those wanting to get out of their hometown, your next adventure may be just one Google search away. Research the most popular attractions in your local area - spend a day somewhere you’ve never been before. Explore the local parks, sights and cafes - you never know what you might come across. 


For those enjoying the long walks that we have all become familiar with during lockdown, a hike may be the next best challenge for you. Check out the AllTrails website for the best hiking trails near you - you can even filter by length and difficulty level. Hiking is a great way to spend time in nature, get some exercise and find some incredible views, without travelling far from home! It also has proven benefits for both your mental and physical health. 

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Baking is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and a great group activity too. Get together with your family, partner or flatmates and bake some delicious sweet treats. Check out the BBC Good Foods website for some easy to follow recipes, for all experience levels! From cookies and flapjacks to tarts and cakes, there’s something for everyone. 

Online events and classes 

If you have friends who live far away but still want to do something together or simply want to try something new from the comfort of your own home, online events may be the way forward. Eventbrite is a popular website and app that allows you to search for both in-person and online events, free and paid, every day of the week. There are lots of events available - Q and As, exercise classes, art classes, mindfulness and yoga classes, debates and academic lectures… just to name a few. It’s a wonderful way to meet new people and learn new skills, without the need for travel. 

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