Published on
December 12, 2022
Last updated on
August 11, 2021

6 Financial Hacks For Students

One of the key features of adult-ing is taking responsibility for your finances. The cliché of living on baked beans on toast and struggling financially has become synonymous with being a student. But that need not be you... here are 6 financial hacks for you to help you out!

Budget, budget, budget

Eating a takeaway everyday will drain your wallet and shopping daily will be too expensive. 

It’s best to plan and know what’s coming in and out. Coming up with a plan, sticking to it will instil discipline and keep you within the realms of what you can afford (before the end of the month). Budgeting will help you save money and know how to manage your money responsibly. 

Student discount 

There are lots of offers exclusive to students, lots of corporations and retailers offer discounted deals for you to enjoy.  

An NUS card is highly recommended as that’s how many major businesses have subscribed to. Look into having a student travel card too. 

Handy tip: Amazon has an amazing student discount incentive and you can buy second hand textbooks from there. 

Get a part time job 

This point isn’t about saving money, but earning money. Having a part time job will make you respect money! 

Whether bartending, retail or waitressing, not only will you learn about the value of money but also develop skills that makes you employable after graduation. 

Check with your bank 

Most banks offer a student account where you get access to perks such as an overdraft. Check with your bank and switch to this option, or an appropriate one that works for you. 

Use your campus facilities 

Making good use of your university’s facilities can save you money. Your university’s gym generally is cheaper than a corporate one, borrowing books from the library is a great way to avoid expensive textbooks. The resources are there for you to utilise. 

Look for the best accommodation 

After your first year, it’s unlikely you’ll be offered student accommodation from your uni. Look at your budget, the distance to and from your uni, and team up with your friends to look for a place to live. Find your next dream home with HYBR here.  

Your university years are a time of respecting money, a time of growing and true adult-ing, which means taking control of your finances. These 6 hacks will help you make the best decisions and take responsibility.