Published on
December 12, 2022
Last updated on
May 10, 2021

Which quarantine cleaning personality are you?

Obsessive cleaner or dirty as they come?

By Millie Shoebridge

Lockdown has caused the majority of us to stay in our homes much more than we normally tend to. With this stay-cation in our humble abode, we begin to notice things we might not have done before. For many, the lockdown has made us all clean, tidy and organise more. Not that before we were necessarily dirty or unkempt, but when you share your waking hours between an average of four rooms the cleaning to-do list grows longer.

We aren't all made in the same image and neither is our cleaning style, therefore we have created this fun and friendly guide to see which type of cleaner you are. 

All or nothing cleaner:

  • You don’t clean as often as others but when you do it is a major event! You mark out at least two hours of your day to do a deep clean, furniture gets moved and the gloves come on. 
  • Favourite place to clean is the bathroom, everything gets sprayed, wiped and bleached to within an inch of its life. 

Little and Often:

  • Conversely, we have the above’s total opposite- the cleaner who you never actually see clean because it's always only ten minutes here and fifteen minutes there but somehow the place is always immaculate. They don’t mind cleaning that much so are happy to do little but often, however, the idea of spending two hours cleaning when they could be doing other things    terrifies them! Their cleaning style is more of an extension of their movements around the house and so often they don’t realise their cleaning when they are! 
  • Favourite place to clean is the kitchen, they love a good 4-in-1 antibacterial wipe. 

                                                                                                  Stress cleaner:

  • As students we all know one of these, there is approximately one per student household. They multiply in exam time and when deadlines loom closer, but in the quieter months when just back from Christmas holidays or when summer comes around, their standards of cleanliness dramatically drop. Suddenly yesterday's mug of tea left in the living room is no longer a crime punishable by death. 
  • Favourite place to clean is the living room with an exceptionally loud hoover. 

‘It’s everyone's responsibility’ cleaner:

  • Not quite a personality type more of an overriding guilt trip of an experience. The cleaner who takes it upon themselves to make cleaning a group activity. Often seen with a rota in hand which clearly details that Max has missed out on emptying the bins for two weeks now and Sarah is three days behind on cleaning the bathroom. This cleaner will make sure all housemates are involved with the clean-up, and will reach you by text, phone, fax or pigeon carrier if necessary. 
  • Favourite place to clean depends on the day and week: see rota for more guidance. 

Just remember, whilst this quiz is all fun and games, it is very important to make sure you all agree as a household what your standards of cleanliness are in the shared common rooms. Drawing up a rota does make it a lot simpler for some households, making sure you don’t leave one or two people to do all the work, as this can cause arguments and tension in the long run. This will ensure a smoother, happier renting experience. 

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